The Pearce Effect

27 May

Pearce Choke

You have to admit that through the game there was that old feeling. The feeling that I thought we had finally absolved ourselves from last year. The ‘no matter what happens we won’t win’ feeling. This feeling I refer to as the ‘Pearce Effect’.

Lets start with the positives.

Mitchell Pearce had a good first half. He completed a set move  by executing a deft pass to Beau Scott which lead to the first try. His kicking game was ok, although I believe, somewhat fortuitous. His kicks landed just shy of the try line with Billy Slater trying in vain to get a 7 tackle restart. They landed inch perfect so lets give Pearce the benefit of the doubt on that. He took the line on a few times and threatened to make a line break but was taken down with some last ditch defence. All in all he played a solid first half.

The Mitchell Pearce I expected to start the game unfortunately arrived for the second half. His kicking game was absolutely diabolical. He gets paid $800000 a year. Can someone teach him how to do a spiral bomb? I would even welcome a floater.  Adam Reynolds are you free for a master class? The Pearce ‘half bomb’s’ are the least threatening attacking kicks I have ever seen. Slater could literally take them behind his back.  I go to the local park and practice bombs with my nephew and whenever I put up a simple ‘end over end’ bomb, my nephew states,

‘oh that was a Pearcey give me something harder’ (actually a true story).

Now that statement is from child, if he knows what to expect from a Pearce kick imagine the delight for the Queensland back three.

But back to the game. NSW played terribly in that second half, BUT, they unbelievably held Queensland to 10-10 when finally they got some field position. In the 71st minute they were on the 3rd tackle, 20m out and directly in front of goal.  Now I blame both halves for not controlling the game here. But one of those halves has played 13 origin games. 13 bloody games!! The other has played 4. Who do expect to control the game here?  This leads me to the point I make year after year.


He completely left the building in this set of six. Even after him and Hodkinson decided to run the ball 3 times, the final kick was left to Jennings in which he put dead and allowed Queensland a 7 tackle restart. Queensland marched downfield and hit the field goal in clinical fashion with both their halves controlling play.

NSW had  a chance to seal victory but the responsibility fell into the hands of a guy that has 10 losses and 3 wins at origin level. How many more 1 point losses do NSW need to endure before this guy gets the chop.

Unbelievably reporters say that Pearce silenced the critics. Was it silence from shock? Even a mate said, ‘hey credit where credit is due, he played well in the first half’! Yep but unfortunately there are two havles in a game of origin. This statement had tones of, ‘well he wasn’t as bad as we thought’. Does this qualify as a pass mark for Mitchell Pearce now? I couldn’t care less whether Pearce did nothing all game as long as he executes plays when it counts.  13 origins should come with some level of composure, if it doesn’t then you shouldn’t be on the field.

Hodgkinson played a shockingly as well. But when he has played 13 games I will put him under the same amount of scrutiny.

Pearce cannot win at Origin level. We know it, he knows and worst of all Queensland knows it. It is for all these reasons that he shouldn’t be selected again. It’s like when you play a younger sibling in backyard footy. They may get close to winning somedays but at the end of the day you know you have the edge. Well Pearcey you will always be that younger sibling and that will never change.

Rant on

One Response to “The Pearce Effect”

  1. Nathan July 6, 2015 at 2:02 pm #

    Sorry, I should have posted this here instead of the “Selective Loyalty” article so Í’ll re-post it here.

    I could not agree more with everything you have said about Mitchell Pearce !
    Finally someone has come out and said it like it is ! I have being saying this for years about him and I’m a Queensland supporter.
    I call Pearce the second Braith Anasta – It doesn’t matter how he plays or what he does, he still gets picked and still gets the money.
    It really is a joke. I’ve come to the conclusion that Lawrie Daley must be scared of Wayne Pearce – scared not to pick his son.
    Why has Pearce had so many chances?! Why haven’t they given Jarrod Mullen, Peter Wallace or other halfbacks as many chances as Pearce, or given NATURALLY TALENTED halfbacks such as Adam Reynolds or Tyrone Roberts a chance?! The up and coming Luke Brooks has more talent in his little finger than Pearce does in his whole body !!
    At the Roosters, I’ve observed that James Molony seems to do all the breaking of the line and setting up like a half should, he seems quite talented to me.
    Another thing I don’t get is how Daley comes out and says he is his number 1 choice at halfback. Again, it seems like Daley is scared not to show his support for Pearce and scared not to pick him, it’s as if Pearce can do no wrong! His team mates come out in interviews and talk him up like as if he’s about to explode and become an “amazing halfback“ but nothing ever really happens, Pearce is as “good“ as he ever will be. If you actually watch what Pearce does in a game, I’ve observed that he always mostly just passes, then trots along after the ball, waiting for someone else to make a break and then backs up and sometimes scores a try. I can’t remember seeing him run like a natural halfback and step through the line.
    The fact is Pearce is not a natural halfback at all. He, at best is a manufactured halfback who has been given chances and talked up his whole playing career. Anyway, while ever they keep giving him the jumpers and the money, he will continue to lap it up. As a Queensland supporter I just laugh but also scratch my head every time they pick him.

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