How Australia Lost The Cricket World Cup

2 Apr


The Australian Coach and Brad Haddin celebrating their win as ‘World Champions Dickheads’

Well what a bunch of complete dickheads the Australia Cricket Team are (except Steve Smith)!  Never has a victory felt more hollow. I thought it was because Brendan McCullum went cheaply in the first over but that wasn’t the case.

Growing up I loved the spirit in which Australians played sport. Often the under dogs we would fight hard and fair, with a tough, ‘never say die’ attitude.

Win or lose I was proud to be an Australian.

I believe our sense of competition and sportsmanship evolved from the spirit of the ANZACS. The type of men that were faced with impossible odds, fought with their lives and still came away with a mutual respect for and from their enemy.

John Mcenroe, Dennis Conner, Ian Botham, and Douglas Jardin were the type of characters we loved to hate. The pompous, arrogant, unsportsman like antagonsits that drove Australians to try harder to achieve the impossible and beat these wankers.

Enter the Australian Cricket Team. Their ‘pig headed, win at all cost attitude’ made me ashamed to be Australian. These bunch of bogans lead by ‘Boof’ may get results but at what cost. The treatment they gave to the New Zealand players was disgraceful.  Screaming in the faces of McCullum, Vittori, Guptill and Elliot was extremely disrespectful and just showed how weak these bunch of Australian wankers are. I used to see  Australian representatives as an extention of my self but all I saw was the type of dickheads you see in the local RSL after a game of club cricket deciding who bowled the best nut, who has the worst ‘salad’ and what rub and tug they were going to visit that night.

Completely classless,  the lot of them.

If you are a true champion you don’t need that type of ‘carry on’. Considering we have the most mentally fragile characters in the game (Watson and Johnson) I find it quite ironic that Haddin called the kiwis ‘too soft’. No Brad it’s called respect.

The weight of expectation from the New Zealand Public and the illness to Martin Crowe meant the New Zealanders were shouldering immense pressure to perform and a fair bit of emotional baggage as well.

Did they resort to ‘dickhead behaviour’?

No.  Quite the opposite. Brendan McCullum handled himself with complete aplomb when addressing the opposition, the media and his peers. After every conference I walked away thinking, ‘I wish he was an Australian’. Even when prompted by the media in the last interview, McCullum would not resort to finger pointing or highlighting the Australians  behavior. Pure  Pure Class.

Only last night Martin Crowe gave a stirring tribute to Dan Vettori:

“And I saw Dan Vettori …and I just burst open with all the emotion that I had. He gave me a huge hug and I just said, what a career, what an inspiration.

“You set the benchmark for everyone in this team, a class of skill, devotion – you know, I, ..that was the moment for me, March 29, was Dan limping off for the last time.

Daniel Vittori has been an absolute stalwart for New Zealand. He has saved or made countless innings for his country. The treatment he received, on what may have been his last one day international, was abhorrent. Yet we stand and applaud a bogan who once tried to leave without singing the team song to see Lara Bingle and get another Arabic tattoo. Only to have Michael Katich dropped for trying to stop it. This bloke is so ‘off’ even his hamstrings didn’t want to stay attached to him. If you want to see  how champions conduct themselves then click on this link for Martin Crowe’s Emotional Tribute to Vettori.

Invariably someone will argue, ‘well the Aussies needed  to do it to win’!  Being a condescending, arrogant dick is never needed  to win. I was watching the game with my nephew and instead of jumping in the air and celebrating I was telling  him, ‘the way Brad Haddin just carried on is never acceptable. I was half expecting Michael Clarke to order that the rest of the 49 overs be bowled underarm. That is how low we have sunk.

The Australian people are now  looking towards the All Blacks to see what a true champion team looks like. I have many Australian mates that hold them in high regard, higher than any Australian team. The All Blacks are humble, respectful and never resort to unsportsmanlike behaviour to achieve a win. They follow 5 lessons of leadership and if follow the link below you will see why they are the most inspiring sporting team in the world.

The five lessons of leadership from the All Blacks

Even our other codes are looking abroad for their guidance. Last month, Laurie Daley spent time with the All Blacks in an attempt to harness the culture that has been bred among the team. Since when do we have to look at other nations to give us an example of decency and sportsmanship. Have we slipped so far. It isn’t that Australia has run out of winners, we have simply run out of champions.

The Australian cricket team are meant to be the champions of the world and I wouldn’t bother raising a glass to them.  There is maybe one or two blokes I would have a beer but the rest I am happy to leave in the gutter with Warnie.

I am sorry but their behavior is ‘unaustralian’. Yes there is that word ‘unaustralian’. I have lived here for 36 years which makes me pretty qualified in judging it. UNAUSTRALIAN. Or maybe their behaviour is now typically Australian? If it is then something drastic has to change otherwise Boof, Warnie, the big show and the other dickheads can kindly remove the coat of arms from their playing strip because they don’t represent me or Australia.

As of today, the coach Darren Lehman has come out and said,

‘we haven’t been charged by the match committee so our behaviour musnt have been too bad’.

Wow what a mature response from the coach.  As a 45 year old man, if you need someone else to point your moral compass for you, then mate you have no chance. You shouldn’t need a committee to tell you that your teams behaviour was acceptable or unacceptable. Any one with a shred of decency would have seen that the Aussies needed to pull their heads in. As they say a fish rots from the head and Mr Lehman you having very rotten head.

I have news to the Australian Cricket Team. Coming first makes you a winner but winning with class and respect makes you a champion.

We didn’t come close to winning the Gallipoli campaign. We took an absolute pasting but a 100 years on what do we remember? The result or how we conducted ourselves?

Congratulations to New Zealand on the victory. You are the true champions in my mind.


3 Responses to “How Australia Lost The Cricket World Cup”

  1. max April 3, 2015 at 7:40 am #

    Did you just write more than 1500 words just to say that you are not really an Australian but with a man crush on Steve smith lol… and kept going on and on about how competitive australians are in all sports not only cricket..which is why they won the asians cup in soccer and drew with world champs Germany last month… and nice photoshop job done with the kiwi team holding a cup that they couldn’t win coz they sucked in the final and thanks for mentioning in line 75 of your boring essay above that this was Australia’s 5th world cup win lol.

    • jmcgirr April 3, 2015 at 9:38 am #

      Hi max,

      I am an Aussie you twerp.
      Even though my essay was long at least it made sense.
      Re read your comment genius.
      But I do agree that the Australian soccer team handle themselves well.
      But last I checked you we rank 65th in the world for Soccer. Right behind Equatorial Guinea,Rwanda and Cape Verde Islands.
      If this is your example of a great Australian team on a world scale, you need your head read.
      Glad you enjoyed my essay you peanut.

  2. Big Al April 16, 2015 at 1:13 pm #

    Exactly my sentiments and one of the big reasons I don’t really watch Australian cricket anymore. The arrogance and pretentiousness of the team began under Steve Waugh (and I think he’s been the only good captain since AB), completely taken into the stratosphere by Ponting, and continued climbing with Clarke.
    Even playing sport as a little tacker I knew that once someone started to get lippy they were beaten and that they didn’t have much to give after that.
    There has been a slow change from Australian sports, not just cricket, people from being gracious in victory and defeat to whinging about results and “we only lost because we didn’t play well”. I wanted NZ to win the cricket World Cup, not just because it would broaden the cricket landscape with another champion but also because they were playing beautiful, carefree and non-cynical cricket.
    I’m hoping that Smith will bring the team back to some semblance of what the team is meant to be. I’m not hopeful with the amount of ‘Bogan’ players still in and around the team I.e. Warne, Lehman and co.

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