The Biggest Knob in Rugby League 2013

7 Feb

I would like to announce

 ‘ The Biggest Knob in Rugby League Competition 2013’

Due to a massive influx of complete knobs into the NRL over the past few years I have decided to create a season long competition. A ‘fantasy knob league’, if you will.

Points will be allocated for the following offenses committed by any player during the season.

1.  Wearing a flat brim baseball/NFL caps (with the official sticker still in place):
 5 points
2.  Wearing a flat brim baseball/NFL cap backwards:
  5 points

Quade Cooper (QC) and Sonny Bill Williams (SBW)

3.  Pictured Publicly with Anthony Mundine:
20 points

I see a number of offences being committed here. Pictured: Mundine, Cooper, Williams

4.  Shaving a message into one’s hair (charity reasons exempt penalty):
20 points

A picture of a house. Pictured Carl Webb

5.  Social media offences (inappropriate twitter posts, knob posts):
25 points

Ferguson sent this tweet after reports that he spat on people at foreshore festival in Canberra. Refer to picture below

6.  Tattoos one sleeve: (Cultural Tattoo’s Exempt)

Blake Ferguson’s answer to the question,
‘Just how big a knob are you?’

25 points
7.  Tattoos two sleeves  (Cultural Tattoo’s Exempt)
50 points

Way more cultured than ‘green sleeves’ . Pictured Todd Carney

8.  Tattoos (own surname):
 25 Points

Just in case he forgets. Pictured Mitchell Pearce

9.  Tattoos (spelling mistakes):
100 points

Justify your spelling.
Existance? Pictured Jarrod Sammut

10.  Tattoos (stupidity):
50 points
Josh Dugan

There are no words. Pictured Josh Dugan

11.  Selfies (pictures of oneself in the mirror):
50 points



There are four knobs in these photos but you can only see two. Pictured Todd Carney and Daniel Vidot

12.   Double Selfies (double mirror photo):
100 points (amazing knob behaviour)

Found this photo titled ‘G-thang’. I wonder what the G stands for? Pictured Blake Ferguson and Josh Dugan

13.   Threatening to swap codes during the season (AFL, RUGBY)
100 points

Israel trying figure out how to spell, ‘AFL’. Pictured Israel Folau

14.   Speaking about one’s self in the third person during interviews:
100 points
images (2)

Jarred Hayne says:
Jarred Hayne is looking sharp

15.  Players Pictured with QC and SBW (aka the knob trifecta):
150 points
After being asked who the biggest dickhead is.They both seemed to have got it right

The reaction after being asked who the biggest dickhead is. It seems they are both right. Pictures Quade Cooper and Sonny Bill Williams

16.  Club Fines of any kind (eg. Late for training, curfew breeches, drinking breaches):
100 points

Are those beers from Jason Taylor? If you drink them you may get ‘pissed’ but you wont get drunk. Pictured Michael Jennings

17.  Public Urination:
50 points

Well Terenece we ‘saw you, saw you’. The boys literally pissing their career’s up the wall. Pictured  Terence Seu Seu and Anthony Watmough

18.  Public defecation (inside premises):
250 points

I think Nate was hard done by. Who hasn’t hung a shit in the corridor of a hotel? He who hasn’t, let him cast the first nugget. Pictured Nate Myles


Clearly a rookie error. Pictured Sam Bunton and Anthony Gelling

19.  Public defecation (external to premises):
300 points
download (1)

Smooooth Defecator Smoooooooth Defecator.
The Original Knob

20.  Public Violence (police charge):
150 points
Jorge Tafua

I just spat to clear my throat and it landed on a police officer. Just bad luck. Pictured Jorge Taufua

21.  Accused Spousal Abuse (pregnant):
400 point

I hit two birds with one stone. Pictured Robert Lui

22.  Accused of Spousal Abuse (no pregnancy)
350 points

I just thought she was in danger of going over the dead ball line so I slapped her back into the field of play. Pictured Greg Inglis

23.  Charged with Drink Driving:
150 points
wes naqiama

The reason I was drink driving for the fourth time was because I was on my way to Robert Lui’s place to show him how to properly use the phone book. Paulini eventually got it. Wes Naiqama

24.  Testing positive to recreational drugs:
300 points

Ummmmmm I am ecstatic to be back. Pictured Reni Maitua

25.  Testing Positive to Performance Enhancing drugs:
500 Points

I tried to prove I wasn’t using performance enhancing drugs by showing tapes of my performances during the season.

26.  Court Appearances :
400 Points
images (1)

It was going well until I was fingered in court.
‘it was him your honour’.
The whole thing stinks . Pictured  John Hopaote

27.  Miscellaneous (previously uncategorized knob style offence):
200 points

This was tough to swallow. But at least Joel was responsible for the introduction of bestiality laws  to Canberra (true story). That was more political influence than Mal Meninga ever had. Pictured Joel Monaghan

The player that accumulates the most points by the end of the regular season with be appointed ‘The Biggest Knob in Rugby League’.

* A player must complete  the season to be eligible to receive the award. If a player is suspended indefinitely or fired from the club they are disqualified from the competition.

Please post on The Rant Nation Facebook page or this blog, the player you think that will take out this years title.

Based off previous offences we have some short priced favourites. I have provided a short list of the NRL’s mostly likely winners to help you make your decision.

The Contenders for the 2013 Award

Sonny Bill Williams

Josh Dugan

Blake Ferguson

Reni Matua (outsider chance)

Willy Mason (outside chance)

Mitchell Pearce

Jarred Hayne

Chris Sandow

Todd Carney

Greg Inglis

Isaac Luke

Anthony Watmough

Nate Myles

Jake Friend

Wes Naqaima

Bronx Goodwin

Daniel Vidot

Greg Bird

Robert Lui

6 Responses to “The Biggest Knob in Rugby League 2013”

  1. budgettravelguides February 9, 2013 at 8:33 pm #

    A fantasy knob league — LOVE it! 🙂

  2. Hugh Dundas June 3, 2013 at 10:47 pm #

    Jamie Soward

  3. marlon July 22, 2013 at 7:35 am #

    fucking faggot your the fucking knob

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