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Welcome to The Rant Nation

27 Jun

The world through the eyes of a madman;

I was inspired to create this blog because I feel the media are too guarded to publish what really needs to be said.  Instead of posting rant based facebook status updates I thought that I would document my opinion based writings on a blog.  Thus sparing my facebook friends the torment of my rants.

On this blog no punches will be pulled and and no feelings spared. Credit will be given where credit is due and criticism will be leveled at those who  warrant it.  Current affairs, world news, technology, sport and entertainment are all in the firing line.  Unbiased movie and television reviews, Which cafes and restaurants you should black ban or frequent,  Society and it’s decline, Be quiet Phil Gould, The Kardashian Syndrome, Where did Andrew Voss go, The antiquated laws and points system leading to the decline of rugby union  and The emasculation of the modern man. These are just a few examples of the kind of topics that will be discussed.  Nothing or no one person is protected from the rant. If an opinion can be formulated it will be given.

So strap yourself in and get ready to enjoy the ride as you enter The Rant Nation.